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How to have beautiful hair in a week
A party is coming and your hair looks like bird’s nest? Don’t worry, in one week you will be able to have beautiful hair from root to tip. How to achieve fabulous hair in a week Do you can improve hair and leave it beautiful in just one week? Course Yes! […]
How to have perfect hair – from curly to straight and vice versa
Some women would want a straight hair if you have straight hair and curls, they would like to play a bit with the curly. Everything is possible if you know how to apply the technique to have perfect hair, regardless of its type. Tips to take care and change your hair type It is already […]
How to get dreadlocks with fine hair
Those who have thin hair are not convicted: may also have dreadlocks. Can you have dreadlocks with fine hair? One of the most common problems among which are too straight and fine hair is that some hairstyles are impossible to realize. If this is your case, you know very well in what we are talking […]
How to use Aloe Vera to grow hair
The innumerable properties of aloe vera are also reflected in the growth of the hair. Let’s see how to use the gel of aloe vera for this purpose. Aloe vera to grow hair Aloe vera is a highly decorative, easy to grow and care for plant, which has an endless number of curative, preventive, properties […]
Homemade recipes to avoid the frizz in hair
Tips and natural remedies to eliminate the frizz in hair, one of the problems of beauty most common and preventable by applying some of these homemade recipes. Causes of hair frizz Fluff hair is a problem faced by many women. This may be due to the hair is very porous and absorb this moisture […]
How to remove frizz of hair in a week
Would you like to leave your glamour look in a short time? Because here we offer a guide to hair without frizz in just a week. How to hair without frizz in a week Surely you’ve seen in the models and celebrities that bright, even and without static, hair looking fabulous on the red carpet […]
How have the always smooth hair
Perfect straight is not a utopia, is achievable without the need for chemical treatments that, sooner or later, end up damaging the hair. Discover some secrets have always smooth hair. How to achieve smooth and frizz-free hair It seems that it was an order to supply the desires, but it is not impossible to achieve […]
straightening hair – Tips for straightening hair
Would you like to wear a straight hair without damaging it?. In this article we will see some tricks for straightening hair from the wash to the ironing. How to straighten hair without damaging it Those who have curly hair know that, when they dedicate themselves to smooth it with mechanical means of temperature […]
How to make a knot in hair to keep it straight
If to you wake up you find that your hair is a disorder again, you can keep planing with a simple knot. Follow these instructions to maintain straight hair for a longer time. Straightening home with a knot in hair Like all the women of today be always arranged, with perfect clothing, suitable footwear, combined […]
How to make a knot in hair to keep it straight