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Before we continue the conversation about how to choose a lens reflex camera, is to understand why it all worth buying. What are its main advantages? See for yourself.
Matrix SLR exceeds matrix ordinary compact cameras to its physical size. Any photographer will tell you, the matrix - the main part of the camera. As the engine of the car or the graphics card in the computer game - the importance of the matrix in the camera no less. And in her characteristic features such as “physical size.” The larger size of the matrix, the better ceteris paribus will obtain the final shots.
Minimum possibility of digital noise. You probably have seen a horrible noise in photos with compact cameras. The whole point is that the possibilities for ISO “Soap” highly restricted, and the matrix of modern SLR cameras allow you to shoot indoors without a flash and receive minimal, unobtrusive noise.

Huge selection of lenses. SLR cameras have arisen not yesterday or the day before yesterday. The first development of such cameras began in the nineteenth century. Nikon will release autofocus lenses for decades. Manual with Carl Zeiss lenses 50-ies of the last century can be found for sale on the secondary market today. And all of these firms are developing, improving, producing all-new model. Mirror system - a paradise for lovers do.

Excellent ergonomics. Perhaps in terms of ergonomics, no other camera can not be compared with mirror. Due to its size, convenience of the location of buttons, displays (yes, there are cameras that have more than one) SLR cameras ahead of other systems.

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How to choose a lens reflex camera In the category Technology Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to choose a lens reflex camera.

How to choose a lens reflex camera

How to choose a lens reflex camera -SLR to date much to the device. On the merits of this type of camera can speak for very long. In this article, we answer the question how to choose a lens reflex camera.

Today more and more fans change their digital cameras to SLR cameras. Opened a photography course where everyone can appreciate the pictures taken with the SLR. In this article I will not give a fundamentally technical information. Those who will read it, it is unlikely you will need.

Learn the art of photography is necessary only with the help of mirror camera. Excellent fit for this camera such as Nikon D800. Neither dish soap can not help you in this matter. More than that, then have to relearn and not always this process takes place smoothly.

Oh yeah, I never gave a definition of SLR cameras. Of course, you can read about it on Wikipedia. But it says the definition of an SLR camera dry technical language. If you simplify to the extreme, the SLR camera is a device in which if you look through the viewfinder, you can see that “sees” the lens. Why mirror? Quite simply, in a camera, using a mirror (like a periscope) image transmitted from the lens to the viewfinder.

Due to the presence of the reflex viewfinder, take pictures with the camera are a number of positive qualities. However, such a design increases the price of a camera. Yes, and its dimensions of several grow.

Like other devices, SLR cameras are divided into amateur, semi-professional and professional. That is, only the models can be attributed to the professional. While we had the impression that this technique is only used by professional photographers. Well, if you compare amateur “digicam” and “reflex”, it turns out that even with the latest easier to handle.

Difference SLR groups (which I wrote above) is to recruit additional functions. Of course, many of them you do not need, so why then buy more expensive and difficult to handle the camera?.
The main part of this lens reflex camera. Included with the “SLR” is the kit lens. Many of them enjoy, without changing to other lenses. Whale (kit-kit, kit) lens covers a large number of focal length. And this is his advantage. Of the downsides worth noting low optical characteristics.

Write about other lenses does not make sense, since 90% of buyers SLR lens uses only those about which I wrote above. If you need the best aperture and optics, then over time you will find yourself in the network all the necessary information.

Another important detail is the matrix reflex camera. She has two important parameters: the size and resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels of the matrix from which it is composed. The misconception that the more pixels, the better. Do not want to overpay for marketing, buy cameras with matrix M to 10-12.

But the size of the matrix is really important parameter. The bigger it is, the more it can take light and, therefore, do a better picture.

There is another parameter that affects picture quality - photosensitivity. The specifications of the camera it is called ISO. The smaller the sensitivity (ISO) the better. The less noise will be in your photos.

Also in the article devoted to the choice of SLR to say about the kinds of sensor. In such devices use CMOS sensors and CDD sensors. CMOS sensor is faster, consumes less energy, but takes pictures with a lot of noise. Accordingly, the images created by the CCD (CDD) sensor are more qualitative. True, this sensor is slower, and consumes more energy than CMOS.

About what brand to buy SLR I will not write. In the market of our country most popular Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Sony. But there are several Chinese manufacturers that every day increase the quality of their devices, while leaving rates unchanged at a low level.
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