LG Washing Machine Sensor Problems

Repair and Maintenance

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How to clean furniture with vinegar
The widgets in your home such as a washing machine, a refrigerator, or plastic boxes. long days have stain and unpleasant odors. You have to take a lot of time to clean them but still not effective. just for you some quick household cleaning tips and efficient from the vinegar... continue reading
How to clean stainless steel stove
Clean stove is probably one of the things I hate most when doing kitchen cleaning, but after every meal is made she passes a cloth to clean. I would love to have that kind of courage, but here at home can’t live without those protectors of stove and when it comes to the weekend did I wipe everything. .. continue reading
how to clean the dishwasher naturally
The dishwasher is a friend in time to leave the kitchen in order, but did you know that she needs some care also? That’s right, even with hot water always turning and spinning inside, it’s always nice to give a good cleaning in the dishwasher and today I’m going to help you do this in a simple and uncomplicated. ... continue reading
How to wash Sneakers in a washing machine
I confess that I still have a spirit of punk rock teenager and I like my shoes dirty well, but the other day I decided to give a general, since I was pretty much stuck his foot in the mud and wasn’t able to use tennis as it was, and as I was too lazy to wash on hand as my mother always sent to do when I was a teenager I went to see how to wash in the machine and look is not as difficult as it seems.... continue reading
How to clean walls
I don’t know about you, but one thing that irritates me too is a trademark of hands or scratching of furniture on white wall, I think it starts to bother you when you get a little older and you know you should have taken care of and just doing the pull the Chair on the wall or the dirty hand on the wall and ended up leaving that mark boring .. continue reading
How to wash Sheets
As I lived in a small apartment I always sent wash in the laundry room, the end I had no room to dry and it ended up that I had never needed to wash sheets at home and was wondering how to do it the right way if such a thing exists, and how you can have that same doubt I decided to post these tips that can help you. ... continue reading
How get rid of mold on wood
Many people suffer from the problem of mold in the cold winter, when rain and snow walls exposed to moisture due to enter the large proportion of water, and the lack of heat and sunlight enough to warm it and help it to dry and mildew on the walls and gradually moving to the furniture and wood.... continue reading
How to remove mold from clothes
Stains from most things that spoil, disturb a lot of ladies, how many people they had to have many clothes to them due to stains, these stubborn stains, blood, ink, wax, mold... continue reading
How to remove gum from clothing
Glue like material that troublesome impact on clothing, but no difficulty in removing them, so here are some ways to help remove whether ordinary or simple glue silicon glue:... continue reading
Cleaning Outside of Stove
I show you how to clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar, Here is how I naturally clean my oven. My oven does not have s self clean option so this is how I do it naturally, If you want your stove gleaming like it's brand new, then you need to check out video on how to clean a stove top burner. Clean Greasy Oil Stains in seconds, video will show you the process of cleaning rough oil stains from glass and stainless.  ... continue reading
Cleaning The Stove Burners
how you can clean stove and burner at home without chemicals and without water,How to easily clean your stove's burner covers with NO scrubbing, If you want your stove gleaming like it's brand new, then you need to check out video on how to clean a stove top burner. How to clean Gas Burners video.. I hope you will enjoy and like the video. how to clean off burned-on food residue from your gas grates and burners. ... continue reading
ceramic cooking surface
We all know the importance of eating healthy, but not everyone knows that the cookware you use to prepare your dishes, demonstrates the fact that this far infrared wavelight ceramic cooker, Ceramic Cookware Review Un boxing and Review of Green Life Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Soft Grip Cookware Set. will show you the advantages of both non-stick and ceramic coating in cookware. Which coating should you use.... continue reading
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