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How to make spraying polyurethane foam
Spraying polyurethane foam technology and price. How to make spraying polyurethane foam. The issue of thermal insulation of residential buildings up to date in almost all regions of Russia. Spraying polyurethane foam is an effective solution to the problem. This insulation is a two-component composition. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material is very low […]
Basalt insulation
What is basalt heat insulation is made, where applicable. Basalt insulation most often used in the construction of basalt insulation, which has an excellent fireproof, waterproof and Silencing properties. Always worth noting and ecological purity of the material, and the wide performance. At the heart of this popular thermal insulation is rock wool […]
How to heat and cool an attic bedroom
As children grow, they crave independence and personal space. Despite its small space and moisture problems, Penthouse can be an attractive alternative to a dormitory with the brothers. Insulated safe, updated and some portable heating and cooling units, can turn your attic into a comfortable bedroom. Attic insulation Seal window gaps and cracks in the […]
External thermal insulation of walls with aminoplast foam
aminoplast foam injection aminoplast resin foam Injection Foam in Place Foam Insulation Aminoplast Block Foam Masonry Foam Retrofit Insulation Injection Foam Insulation nk Foam US  […]
Foam glass what is it and why do I need to
How and why to insulate walls, Foam glass and foam Isol, Why should I insulate walls and how can this be done? No matter how it sounded. As it is for us a new material on the forums you can find a lot of questions that very few answers. We will try to understand the […]
Thermal insulation of pipes sewage – ways and methods
How to insulate water pipes, if in the country or in the private, So how is insulation require large-scale earthworks and a pretty big financial expenses, tow is an old but reliable method, Cleaning of sewer pipes ways and methods of carrying out the work. If the water when using the sink of the bathroom slowly goes, Methods for eliminating leaks in damaged areas. At a high level. To conduct repair works this way.[…]
home solutions for rust reviews

Home Improvements & Maintenance : Home Remedies to Remove Rust home solutions for rust After a prolonged exposure to oxygen and moisture on the metal, especially iron and steel, it can develop corrosion, commonly known as rust. Eventually all the unprotected metal covered in rust and will collapse if it is not removed properly […]
How to make a bath with thermal insulation in basement
At a time when your housing is taken in strict accounting for every square meter, but nevertheless, there is a desire to equip the place where you can relax-perfect sauna in the basement of a private home. Note that this is just a unique way to combine two things: lean and economical use of space […]
Polyethylene foam heat insulator
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