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Do it yourself new Eathtek new replacement black laptop notebook
Eathtek new replacement laptop keyboard laptop HP DV4 series black, what is missing is some decent instructions on what to do with this thing, and I consider myself a modest computer somewhat familiar, new Eathtek black keyboard for Samsung QX410 SF410 NP-SF410 Q430 series anything important. I used to repair years ago comps, but I drifted away from laptops, and the product is great, but this is hardly a do it yourself replacement […]
Do it yourself how to replace laptop screen ASUS X53E
Touch screen, away from the screen, screen door, wide screen, silver screen, folding screen, and screen test, masking, curtain of smoke, appears on the screen,How to repair the DC power jack of a failed or loose on the laptop yourself. Is certainly not a screen problem noted it is fine when I increase the brightness. The notebook is one of the few participants in the test compound can Excel, and dozens of screen laptop ASUS X53E to average in outdoor use […]
How to fix bent pins of your processor
You want to install your processor on your motherboard and you have twisted a few pins, Now you can no longer assemble them and you must pay hundreds of Dollars to buy another processor. How to fix it without buying another, without breaking the pins completely or tweak other and aggravate the situation. Loyalty cards seem […]
Laptop that heats what solution
According to statistics, 8% of laptop failures are caused by the heat.In fact, it is the hidden dangers of portable computer heat more than we think.Computer Portable hot cooling system will directly affect the stability of notebook pc and the performance over time, it could lead to more serious problems, the system is lethal […]
Laptop keyboard repair no longer works
You have problems with your laptop keyboard? Your laptop keyboard is not working well? Keys are missing in your laptop keyboard? Problems the most common with a laptop keyboard are damaged, missing keys or poor communication between the keyboard and the motherboard of the laptop. We can repair or replace your notebook’s keyboard […]
Do it yourself Samsung notebook change keyboard disassembly
If your laptop is sticky keys, or some of them are missing, you can usually replace the entire keyboard yourself, do you want to repair the Samsung laptop or laptop, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for laptop Samsung P35, how to replace card WLAN miniPCI card with 54Mbit 11Mbit, Samsung X10 + XTM1700, RAM, hard drive and keyboard, with disassembly […]
Data recovery from USB flash drive Kingston
It’s no secret that Flash drives are perhaps one of the most common media. It seems impossible to imagine life without the usual USB flash drive since so compact and portable device is very convenient to use. It is not surprising that an assortment of different Flash drives today is very diverse, as their greatest […]
some problems current LCD laptop screen
Tips for troubleshooting some problems current LCD laptop screen repair laptop computer screen. There could be several different problems with LCD screens. Some problems are fixable and some require the LCD Panel to be replaced. It is important to diagnosis your problem before taking any drastic action. Know the exact problem should be your first step […]
Tips and optimize for slow computer optimize your pc
Slow computer? This problem may be caused by one of the options below: Hard disk space is not enough. The leftovers of programs and bad files. Corruption of data.Windows updates drivers obsolete. Computer is overheating. System corrupt. Defective material. Solutions: Here are the steps to follow for users of Microsoft Windows which should help […]
Problems and Solutions printers hp
Problems and Solutions printers hp printer problems and how to fix it how to deal with the problems of explanation for printers printer types and methods of maintenance of the printer does not print what is the solution The first problem: Although the printer is connected to electricity, but they do not make any sound  […]
Repair the problem of overheating laptops HP
Repair the problem of overheating laptops HP The high temperature of computer laptops , of recurring problems faced by users of these devices , you will learn about in this post on the possible causes of the increase in the temperature of laptops , and also identify some solutions that will help you get rid […]
How to fix errors in the Windows
How to fix errors in the Windows   Most users of computers , whether laptop or desktop PC based Windows operating system , and such systems despite the large capacity , but it is exposed to some of the problems from occurring , and we will talk in this article about some of the problems […]
how to restore computer fans
Restore computer fans, You must monitor restore computer, computer cooling system closely, but may have serious problems later. Overheating your computer may stop responding, fail, may be damaged not only the graphics card, motherboard chipsets, but the CPU  […]
Maintenance and repair printers
Maintenance and repair of printers requires knowledge of the operating components in the system of the printer , and in this article offer Anatomy of a printer and an introduction to maintenance printer is one of the most important organs of the output as it has become an essential organ is necessary in order […]
Quick steps if spilled tea coffee water on laptops
What do you do if you spilled water or tea or coffee on your laptops?Were all exposed to this situation, the rapid disposition may help you to avoid unnecessary problems and some simple steps that you make, keep your laptops from any damage in case it spilled any liquids, and at the same time provide  […]