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installation and photo of glass doors for the bathroom
Glass doors to the bathroom and toilet are a great solution. This trend is very common in the West and is firmly included in the arrangement of our modern apartments and country cottages. Glass doors are a modern, functional, catchy element of the interior of the bathroom. Glass, as a beautiful building and finishing material, fits perfectly into any stylistic decisions of the design idea.

Give in to different decorative finishes;
Made from special tempered glass;
Serve as an additional light source.
By its functional characteristics, beautiful external data glass doors become an interesting area for experiments of many designers.

Glass doors

The scheme of the correct device of the doorway for mounting a glass doorScheme of the correct device of the doorway for the installation of a glass door
By design solutions and the type of installation glass doors for the bathroom are divided into four main views.

Swinging, having traditionally standard design of the installation on loops. They can open both inside the room and in the outside. In addition, be equipped with one or two glass canvases, which have the same or different width.

Pendulum, represented by products opening in both directions.
Sliding. These are the doors in which the single-ar design of the main canvas glides along the guide rails. Such guides are located along the wall, allowing you to open or close glass shutters in this direction.

Sliding door structures have similarly sliding guides, with the difference that there are two shutters, which go in opposite directions and return to their original position when they connect.

Regardless of the constructive solution, the folds of glass doors can be made in flat, curved or repetitive configuration of inter-room partition options. An interesting design solution is the glass radius doors for the bathroom. They have a repeating bend of the wall configuration.

As for all sorts of sizes of glass doors, they can be made as standard and non-standard individual versions. The only feature of their installation is the lack of a main door box.


Bathroom design, which uses a door made of glassDesign bathroom, which uses a door of glass
Glass is a perfect eco-friendly material. It comes up with a variety of designer door designs. Glass bathroom doors are made of specially tempered glass and have a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts, they:

Resistant to moisture, mold, fungi;
They have longevity;
Visually increase the volume space of a small bathroom;
Light and easy to care for;
Absorb sound;
They save some people from claustrophobia or fear of enclosed space;
Have a beautiful aesthetic look;
Give the opportunity of a huge choice of design and decorative solution.
Bathroom interior with glass door installed

Today, existing innovative technologies allow to make original design products from the usual transparent glass of the door canvas. To do this, resort to the help of decorative application:

Golden or silver spray;
Drawing with stained glass paints;
Stained glass from pieces of multicolored glass;
Matte drawing with sandblasting technology;
Special armored films to enhance strength and safety.
Very interesting for the arrangement of glass doors is the use of special technology of fusing, fusion of multicolored pieces of glass.


Scheme of installation of fixtures on glass doors Scheme of installation of fixtures on glass doors
Independently installing glass doors in the bathroom is better not to produce, as it is associated with the presence of a certain experience, skill and nuances of the basic installation technology. In any case, however, the main stages of this work are the following.

Initially, you need to install the components of the attachment. To do this, you need to clearly calculate the places of installation and attachment of canopies or guides.

Next, you need to fix the loops or install a moving mechanism, depending on the design.

Then the doors themselves are installed. This will require outside help, as the risk of damage to the main glass canvas is very high.
At the end of the stage, the main fasteners are adjusted, and the handles and rests of the fittings are installed..
Since the main problem of appearing on glass doors in the bathroom is condensation, which appears after showering or hygienic procedures, it can be removed, including a fan for forced outflow of wet air or open the doors, so that through the resulting slit, the moisture evaporated naturally.

Wet glass to wipe with a dry cloth is not desirable, as it remains divorces. For constant care of glass doors they need at least once a month to handle special means.

For chrome fittings, too, it is necessary to care for special means that remove lime plaque, but do not damage metal coatings. Loops and movable parts of sliding mechanisms, which are actively exposed to wet precipitation, should sometimes be smeared with machine oil.

Doors to the bathroom of glass are perfectly combined with chrome elements of water taps, towel dryers, shower risers, all sorts of accessories, emphasizing modern style. They create the final composition of any design solutions.

Of course, the cost of these products is much higher than their traditional counterparts. However, the bespoke glass door will be a wonderful and unique solution, emphasizing the exquisite taste of the owner. The glass doors for the shower stall are very beautiful, aesthetic and presentable.
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