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heat-resistant and fireproof tiles
Fireproof tiles have increased heat resistance. It is often called heat-resistant and heat-resistant tiles. We will look at the main varieties of this material, discuss the adhesive compositions used, as well as the nuances of installation. Prices for fireproof tiles .

Distinctive features

Photo The fireplace can't be used to decorate fireplaces or furnaces because they can't withstand high temperatures. But fireproof tiles with these tasks perfectly copes, as it has some features. Let's highlight the main ones:.

Operating temperature. A simple tile breaks down when exposed to a temperature of more than 80 degrees. Here will be a special tile, allowing you to withstand and large loads.

Only special adhesive formulations are used to attach the material, which we will talk about later.
The water absorption rate is 3 per cent.

The material is not prone to burning, because heat-resistant tiles can be exposed to temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius easily, without consequences. At the same time, the tile will not lose its properties, will not even change the color.

Suitable for outdoor furnace finishes, as it is not afraid of frosts and sharp temperature changes.

High heat output provides not very intense heating, but long-term heat.

The range of material is very wide, which means that fireproof tiles are selected for any interior design.
There is no need for special care behind the surface.

The material is durable and is made only from natural components, completely safe for humans.
Having studied the current range, we can distinguish a few main species resistant to elevated tile temperatures:

It's ceramogranite.
Now we will talk about each of them separately.

Fireproof tilesSuch material with fire-resistant properties is created as a natural mineral. The material includes sand, field spar, plus clay. It has several distinctive features:

The material is very durable, surpasses in this component natural counterparts;
The surface of the plates does not form cracks and pores, thereby facilitating the care;
Production is carried out under high pressure, which ensures excellent density and duration of service;
This material is not afraid of temperature changes, which allows you to use a ceramogranite heat-resistant tile even in the exterior finish.
The peculiarities of such material are:

Production is carried out under a special press, which significantly increases durability;
It has a great durability of color;
The price is higher than the analogues, but images can be applied to the surface. Such slabs can be picked up under any interior;
Not afraid of temperature changes or precipitation;
It involves easy care due to the lack of pores and cracks.
Dirt is not absorbed, which means that washing it is not only easy, but also fast.
Fireproof tilesThis tile is not rarely used when finishing a fireplace or furnace. This is facilitated by the properties of the clinker:

The material almost does not absorb water, which means that it is suitable for external cladding;
Frost resistance at a high level;
Klinker is not afraid of alkaline, aggressive environments, and therefore has longevity;
This material is resistant to mechanical impacts;
Clinker does not collect mold, fungus, eco-friendly;
It has the color of natural clay, does not burn out under the influence of sunlight;
It boasts a wide variety of color and texture.
Such tiles have been used for quite a long time when cladding fireplaces and furnaces. It is worth highlighting a few of its important characteristics:

In production, use completely safe clay, and therefore the material is not a threat even when heated;
The texture can be varied;
It has high performance, long life;
It is not subject to precipitation, temperature changes, etc.;
Affordable cost;

Photo stacked fireproof tilesPhoto stacked fireproof tiles
Of course, the product has its own requirements for the glue used for styling. It is allowed to use only the roast glue, created on the basis of inorganic elements and water-soluble silicates of alkaline metals. Others simply will not withstand the loads of high temperature.

Such compositions have found wide use. With this glue, it is easy to finish the tiles on a metal base. Also, the adhesive mixture is used in the creation of insulation of furnaces, compounds of fire-resistant materials and so on. Suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.
Ease in care.

Styling and grooming
When the heat-resistant tile has been selected, it is time to perform the styling itself. There are a few simple rules and recommendations for installation, as well as further care of the surface.

The layer of adhesive composition should not exceed 15 millimeters, otherwise cracks will occur.

With the use of high-quality tiles, it can still suffer if the material is laid on a metal base. This is due to the expansion of the metal under the influence of heat. Therefore, it is desirable to leave small gaps between the tile and metal - about 10 millimeters.

If you use the glaze material, even the amator can handle it. Care consists in the same actions as in the operation of a simple ceramic tile.
Heat-resistant tiles sometimes need more delicate care using alcohol-based products.

As you can see, a special fireproof tile has certain characteristics and properties that allow it to be safely used when finishing such surfaces exposed to high temperatures.

The process of laying it is quite simple and not much different from a simple tile. Of course, you need to use a special glue and follow some rules when mounting on a metal base. Otherwise, it is an eco-friendly, attractive and affordable material..
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