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Which doors are better to put in the bathroom?
Today, the market offers a very wide range of inter-room doors for all tastes and colors.

You can install a one-piece door, a door made of mdf, veneered doors covered with varnish, laminated and even glass doors.

Choosing the doors for the bathroom, it should be understood that the door will be affected by the increased humidity and temperature, characteristic of the bathrooms. Based on this, you need to choose a material that will be resistant to moisture.

Let's find out which doors are being put in the bathroom. How do they differ from each other and what are their pros and cons?

Doors from the array

Very durable doors of a solid array of oak, covered with several layers of varnish. But this option will be very expensive. Therefore, as an option for budget repair to consider oak doors do not have to.

Budget alternative can be considered the installation of pine doors, the cost of which is much lower. What the doors of the array look like, shown in the photo below (images clickable, click to zoom):

Laminated doors

A good choice might be to install a laminated door in the bathroom. But at the same time you should choose the doors, the ends of which are covered not with a special paper, and PVC-tape. In this case, you will warn yourself against replacing the doors because of the fact that the ends peeled melamine.

The laminate is good at mimicking any texture and is perfectly washes. Doors with a coating of such artificial veneer are not expensive.

Laminated doors can have a wide variety of designs. The appearance of the laminated doors is shown in the photo below:

Plastic bathroom doors

You can consider the option of installing plastic doors. They are resistant to moisture, very light and do not need any special care. Plastic bathroom doors can be considered a great choice.

The only downside may be that plastic doors are usually released in white and if this color is not suitable for your interior, it is better to look at the doors from other materials.

How the plastic doors to the bathroom and toilet look in the interior, shown in the photo below:.

PVC-coated doors

Excellent choice will be and doors with a coating of PVC film, reliably protecting the door from splashes and small scratches. Doors coated with PVC film can be picked up under any interior, as the coating perfectly simulates the surface texture of the tree and can be painted in any color. Such doors are not expensive and look very beautiful.

Glass doors to the bathroom

Glass doors for the bathroom have become increasingly popular lately. And it's not surprising. The advantages of glass doors include exceptional moisture resistance, high strength of tempered glass, small thickness, ample opportunities for decorative design.

The door of glass will not be subdued, will not get around, it will not emit moisture. With the help of a sandblast, glass doors matte, draw on them, reducing transparency.

With the help of special stickers you can further increase the strength of glass doors and decorate them according to the interior design.

The width of the bathroom doors

As a rule, the width of the doors to the bathroom is accepted equal to 60 cm. But before buying a new door it is better to clarify the necessary sizes.

To determine the necessary width and height of the door to the bathroom, you will need to make measurements by measuring the doorway with roulette.
Glass doors for bathroom
It is necessary to measure cleanly between opposite sides of the aperandion. The distance between the bricks, not between the surfaces of plastered slopes, should be measured. But the depth of the aperandion should be measured already taking into account the finish.

After the received sizes for the installation of the door box, lay a distance of 15 mm, and the distance from the door cloth to the door box - 3-5 mm.

If you have a door already bought and it does not fit into the existing doorway, the doorway will have to increase. The size of the hole is determined in reverse order based on the size of the door line.

When measuring, do not forget that the bathroom is put a door box with a poon.

Sliding bathroom door

Recently, sliding doors to the bathroom and bathroom have become very popular. Such doors differ in that they do not open open, and drive away, as the doors of the closet-coupe.

If you decide to install such doors, they will look very aesthetically and will complement the interior well. In addition, sliding doors save space and you are unlikely to come across a narrow corridor with a door, as is the case with swinging doors when someone comes out of the bathroom.

As you can see, the choice of bathroom doors is very wide, and you can always choose which doors to put in the bathroom, based on the general concept of interior design.
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