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Sliding bathroom doors
In previous publications, we have already talked about which door is better to put in the bathroom, and also learned how to install the door, step by step considering the main operations on measurements, installation of the box and putting the door on the hinges.

But the swinging door does not always fit well into the interior of modern small apartments. In this case, sliding bathroom doors can be an excellent choice, allowing you to effectively save space.

Let's see how the sliding doors are mounted correctly, let's see photos and videos of sliding doors.

The benefits of sliding bathroom doors

Often the door from the bathroom opens into a narrow corridor, where there is always a danger to get hit by the door for someone who at this time will pass through this corridor.

To avoid bruises and cones when faced with a swing door in a small apartment, we recommend to install sliding doors, opening which is made rolling back to the side. You're not likely to come across a door like this.

Sliding door design

The sliding door is arranged on the principle of the door in the compartment of the car. That's why sometimes this door is called a "coupe door." The same principle is used in cupboards.

One of the options for a sliding door is shown below:

The door is fastened on special guides, on which it can move freely left and right. The number of door canvases and their width is chosen depending on the size of the doorway.

This door looks very aesthetically pleasing. Sliding doors in the interior are shown in the photo below (photo clickable - click to enlarge):.

Sliding door material

Sliding doors to the bathroom can be made of a variety of materials - glass, plastic, veneer, with PVC trim, laminated. On the guides you can hang the door of any material.

The only thing that should be taken into account - the temperature and humidity parameters of the bathroom. On this basis, the preference can be given to doors with PVC coating or plastic.

Sliding door furniture

Once you have decided on the size of the door, you can go to the store to purchase fittings for the installation of sliding doors to the bathroom.

The components for the installation of such doors include: the upper and lower guide made of aluminum, two carriages and a stover to limit movement.

On the guide door moves on rollers.

For a door canvas weighing up to 70 kg use two carriages with 2 rollers attached to each of them. For doors of greater mass, carriages with 4 rollers are used each.

Mounting sliding doors

Installation begins with the installation of a lower aluminum guide, the length of which should be equal to the double width of the door.

After that, the door is installed on it and the height of the upper guide is installed.

The top guide is mounted and the restraints are installed.

The door is placed in the lower profile, rises to the top, and rollers are inserted into the top guide.

The video montage of the sliding door is below (to play click on the triangle):.
Which doors are better to put in the bathroom?

Caring for sliding doors

Most often, the breakdown of sliding doors-coupe is associated with the fall of debris in the guides and the failure of rollers. This is especially true for apartments where animals live, whose hair is clogged in the fittings and leads to the breakdown of the door opening mechanism.

To avoid this, periodically clean the guides with a vacuum cleaner, remove the litter caught in them.

As you can see, sliding doors to the bathroom is not only a stylish element of interior design, but also a very practical solution that allows you to save living space.
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