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How to install a door in the bathroom?
In a previous publication, we learned what are the doors of the bathroom.

Now you know that the range is very diverse and the choice of door for the bathroom depends entirely on your imagination and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Let's now find out how to install the bathroom door? We will go step by step all the way from the installation of the door box to the fastening of the door to it.

Also in the article you will find photos and videos of the installation of doors with their own hands.

Preparing to install a door in the bathroom

To install the bathroom door, you will need the following tool:

You also need to stock up on dowels, self-cutters, wedges made of wood and mounting foam.

The whole process of installing the bathroom doors takes place in two main stages:

Demolition of existing doors

installing a new door.
After the old door is dismantled, you need to thoroughly clean the bumps of the doorway and only then move to the installation of the door box.

Preparing the door box

After the aperandion is prepared, a door box is inserted into it. If you bought a door with a finished box, then just mount it in the aperif, if not, then collect yourself, bonding on the floor self-cutters, drilling under them holes of a small diameter, so that the tree does not crack.
Plus the self-assembly of the door box of individual elements is that in doing so you can adjust its size to the size of the aperandion, sawing the necessary elements with a knife if necessary. This is especially true for the installation of a glass door, which can not be cut and you can change only the size of the opening and the box.

Installing a door box in an aperandy

The finished box is installed in the doorway and leveled, using the building level and wooden wedges.

After the door box will be installed fairly smoothly, drill in each side of the box several holes (3-4 on each side) and mark their projections on the wall.

We take the box off. Drill holes in the wall, where they're mapped out. Insert in them dowels and again put a box, attaching to the walls self-cutters, twisted into the dowels installed in the walls.

Instead of self-cutters swerving through a box into a dowels embedded in a wall, you can use metal suspensions used in the installation of drywall:

Once all the cutters are securely tightened, the space between the wall and the box is filled with mounting foam.
Which doors are better to put in the bathroom?
The space between the door box and the wall is styded from the bottom up. At the same time, only a third of the depth of the apen is filled with foam. This is enough, as when drying the foam will expand and fill the rest of the space.

Fixing the door to the door box

After the mounting foam has hardened, and the door box has stood dead in the doorway, you can proceed directly to the installation of the door cloth.

First, you need to attach the loops. To do this, apply the loop to the end of the door and circle with a pencil. With the help of a chisel in this place in accordance with the painted outline, choose wood on the thickness of the loop.

After that, the door is put in a box, and the places of fastening loops are marked. Also, a chisel chooses a tree on the thickness of loops. The hinges are screwed to the door box and the door is put on them.

To close the box-wall connection, you should install the cashiers. They are attached to the box with small carnations.

The video, how to install the bathroom door with your own hands, you can watch below (to play click the triangle):

The whole process with sufficient skill does not take long. But, if you do not have the experience of self-installation of doors, it is better to seek help from professionals who have the necessary skills and will do everything quickly and efficiently..
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