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How to choose reliable hanging glass doors
In modern interiors of residential and office space, hanging glass doors look very organic. They are surprisingly in line with the business style of the new offices and appropriately complement the design projects of houses and apartments in the art nouveau or high-tech style. These are the latest trends in the design of urban premises, especially in the central areas, where the struggle literally goes for every square meter. New requirements for the organization of space involve the use of interior elements that make it as easy as possible to install, operate and care for them, while saving space often comes to the fore.

For open-space office space, we have chosen open-plan glass doors with an open-type mechanism as the easiest and most reliable option, while making it as cost-effective as possible Square.  

The main advantage of hanging glass doors is the convenience and ease of installation and operation.

The quality of hanging glass doors is determined not so much by the characteristics of the glass canvas as by the quality and aesthetics of the hanging system. A reliable and convenient system usually has a small number of components.  The main ones are:

Top guide track
Roller mechanism
Lower beacon

With the help of a roller mechanism on the guide track move glass canvases, this movement should not be accompanied by any additional efforts, good quality doors should move easily and simply. The system excludes the use of inconvenient floor rail. A separate system ensures a smooth and safe stop.

The open-type track mechanism is equipped with visible roller carriages. The carriages of the closed track are hidden behind decorative panels.

Glass doors can be 8mm to 13.5mm thick. The maximum weight is determined by the type of suspension system, and can be 50, 80, 120 or 150 kg.

Suspended systems involve installation on the wall or ceiling, as well as on glass using side panels and framing. They allow you to mount single-fold or double-barrelled glass doors, designs with side glass panels, and traditional wooden panels.

For safe fixing of glass doors in the suspension systems are used clampfitting fittings, providing a reliable and simple installation of door canvases from 8 mm to 13.5 mm thick. There are systems that do not require glass preparation, thanks to this installation time is minimized. Other structures require a hole in the top edge of the glass to install a depreciation system, and individual systems also have holes to connect holders to glass.

Once any system is installed, it remains possible to adjust sliding sliding sash at a height of 5 mm.

There can be two types of guide on design features.
When installing an open-type mechanism, you can pick up the color of the guide track, combined with the color of any surfaces of the room, with the tone of the walls or ceiling, to make the track can use any anodized coatings or palettes. We chose a shade of brown, perfectly matching the color of office furniture.

Models with a closed-type mechanism assume a decorative aluminum profile that is easily attached to the guide track. In the ceiling systems it is installed on two sides of the track, in the wall - on its outside. Decorative profile can also be made in any color. If necessary, it can be trimmed to the desired size, taking into account the width of the doorway. You can adjust the dimensions right on the spot at the time of installation. Guides are distinguished by simultaneous ease and strength, increased resistance to deformations.

The roller carriage system ensures the fast and smooth movement of door canvases regardless of their weight. They are made of high-quality fiberglass, have needle bearings and have a low friction factor, and, as a result, a silent move.

Suspended sliding systems provide comfortable movement of personnel due to the lack of floor rails. This eliminates any interference with movement in the form of rapids or recesses in the floor.  The design involves an outdoor guide that fixes its lower part. This creates ideal conditions for smooth, safe and silent door movement. The lower leash consists of two parts, which guarantees the ease of installation and the ability to adjust the thickness depending on the thickness of the glass panels.

For two-fold structures, the convenience of movement provides a synchronous mechanism. With it, the movement of one sash triggers the second. Providing maximum pass width.

For sliding hanging glass doors for the safety and integrity of the doors, hardened glass of increased strength is used.
Circular glass doors quality and reliability
The following methods can be used to decorate the glass for hanging systems:

Mirror decoration
Curtain wall
Film technology
     Patterns and surface processing take place through thermal, chemical, ultrasonic, laser and other means of exposure. With the fittings of hanging systems perfectly combined encrusted metal elements of plates, decorative bars and cashiers. They perform not only decorative, but also protective function.

The depreciation system, which ensures the smooth opening and closing of doors, also minimizes the chances of damaging the glass door. With its help, glass sliding doors easily open, while at the impulse of any force gently and quietly close. The smooth argument allows for a smooth stop of the glass door at some distance to the end of the track and its automatic argument, which eliminates any possibility of damage.

Basic technical parameters of hinged glass doors

Suspended glass doors are designed for several decades of operation. They are highly resistant to mechanical influences, are not subject to deformations, and do not need special care. High resistance to corrosion allows the use of these structures in rooms with high humidity. We have not been afraid to order glass hanging structures, both for office space, and for sanitary - hygienic and household areas.

Particular attention should be paid to the fittings, on the right choice and quality of which largely depends on the life of the entire structure. Door handles should provide usability and match the overall aesthetics of doors. You can choose from elegant knobs, a miniature washer or a variety of handles - straight or curved staples. The safety of the room will be provided by a lock with a hook rig and a "night latch" function.
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