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Tile baths is one of the most common materials used for finishing and coating surfaces such as walls and floors. Its popularity is due to the compliance of all requirements for materials used in the sauna room. Talking about resistance to humidity and sudden temperature changes, as well as durability and reliability. In addition.

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Heat-resistant tiles for bath

Tile baths is one of the most common materials used for finishing and coating surfaces such as walls and floors. Its popularity is due to the compliance of all requirements for materials used in the sauna room. Talking about resistance to humidity and sudden temperature changes, as well as durability and reliability. In addition, tile is the aesthetic appearance.

A wide range of this material allows you to create any figure on the floor and other surfaces. For example, Turkish bath you can choose Tile in Oriental style. According to experts, along with the durability and resistance to temperature variations is facing tile coating has a number of significant advantages in comparison with other kinds of furnish:

Quick drying,
the possibility of decorating the oven with steam,
the simplicity of the sanitary-hygienic processing
the possibility of organizing a floor slope required for runoff water to retard opening
protection of the premises of the baths from the negative effects of moisture and steam.

Many owners of bath houses are wondering: how to lay tile on a floor or wall. Before you start laying must be thoroughly cleaned and primed surface. On brick or plaster walls should be primed before you make a small notch to ensure a tight, pinning the mastic. This will increase the lifespan and reliability of coverage.

Wooden walls need to be encased with a waterproof sealant, such as roofing felt or roofing material. Next to the metal framework should apply an even coat of stucco with a thickness of at least 1.5 centimeters.

Application of special cement-based adhesives will equalize the surface during stacking tiles. This adhesive can be prepared and independently. You do this by using cement and sifted sand in definite proportions.

First tile better lay on the floor. Tile baths fit in several ways:

Before the finish on the floor, you must paste special skirting boards. You should start from a premise corner. The easiest way to apply glue comb trowel or Malka. Breed it better in a plastic bowl, mixing electric drill or building with a mixer until smooth. In the washing compartment baths should be pasted finish not exactly, and sloping towards the drain to avoid stagnant water.

Put gently
For even laying the tiles need to put shoelaces or evaluated the level of rail near the venue of the works. This will allow you to visually monitor the process. Mastic or glue applied under each tile. Give it the appropriate horizon by using construction level and a rubber mallet. During installation on the back side of the material put glutinous solution so that after pressing the tiles he acted a bit over the top and sides. Driven coating should bring the blade to the required level.
Excess glue can be assembled with a spatula and use when laying the next tile. Special plastic crosses are controlling the size of the connecting joints. For the crosses are placed between the parts cover on each side. In case of failure to comply with these proportions may come unstuck tile or crack due to sudden temperature changes. Prune them till the necessary size can be a special. Experts advise the use of such tiles in an inconspicuous spot or cover its skirting, Pollock or bench.

An integral part of the styling is the grout coating. It is designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and to strengthen the connecting joint. It should be applied only after the rubber knife hardening cement or glue, 1-3 days. As a rule, grout spreader use plaster. After its application and setting you want to remove the residue with a damp cloth or sponge. You can use the renovator as one tone with ceramics, and in contrast to it.

Wall decoration
At facing of walls by tiles should start from the bottom. As a horizontal level on the floor set rail and for vertical use rack mounted vertically in the corners. Unlike walls baths from floor covering gluing method. In this case it needs to be applied directly on the tiles and not on the surface beneath it.

Before you begin styling, you should soak for a few minutes the tile in water, until the end of the exit of air bubbles. This will reduce the consumption of glue, because the tile will not absorb it.

However, you do not need to do that when laying the material on the floor. Moreover, this technology is recommended for use only in the Hall, recreation room or a waiting room. The process of coating the walls of tiles includes several stages:

surface preparation,
even pressing the tiles to the wall,
using the construction level of accuracy,
remove excess glue or cement,
fixation suture crosses.

The choice of tiles
To calculate the required number of tiles, you need to determine the size of the surfaces you want to Revet. To avoid errors, you should carefully conduct measurements. We recommend that you purchase the exact amount of material, and with 5-10% of the stock in case of any unforeseen situations.

There are two types of ceramic tiles for baths: floor and wall. Floor has great durability and rough surface, which excludes the possibility of slipping. Buy finish, you should purchase and auxiliary materials:

building a glutinous mixture

For furnish of stove you want to use only specific types of coverage, as in this case, the tiles should be heat-resistant. The structure of the material is divided and enamel (in some sources it is also called glazed). Glazed products have a long life and a high level of durability and resistance to temperature changes. This is due to the double firing during production.

When selecting trim specialists advise to pay attention not only to its appearance and purpose, but also on the structure of the surface. Flaky face will reduce the number of injuries and falls. It is advisable to choose a product with a smooth basis, as compared to the porous, it has low moisture absorption. This will prevent mold or mildew as well as reduce the time of airing and drying room.

It is necessary to consider the form of coverage. Most commonly tiles produced in the form of squares, rectangles, and polyhedra. At furnish of premises with their own hands and no construction skills, the best option is a rectangular or square shape, because it is easier to work with. However, it is necessary to pay attention to its plane and angles, because if there are irregularities may occur during installation. Define the plane of the two parts of the material can be by adding their face. They should adjoin densely to each other. All the angles of these parts must also be the same.

You must carefully select waterproof glue, which allows you to fasten the base and finishing material so firmly that the tile will not move during operation. The glue should not fast freeze-this will be an opportunity if necessary adjust the position of the uneven tile glued together before final fixing. The binding properties are particularly important when installing the finishing on the old finish or glass.

Tile for bathroom is one of the most popular finishes. This is due to its many advantages and ease of styling. Revetted with tiles acquires an aesthetic appearance.
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Heat-resistant tiles for bath
Tile baths is one of the most common materials used for finishing and coating surfaces such as walls and floors. Its popularity is due to the compliance of all requirements for materials used in the sauna room. Talking about resistance to humidity and sudden temperature changes, as well as durability and reliability. In addition […]
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