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Glass sliding doors will keep useful meters of the apartment
Sliding doors are not only a new-fashioned design of large apartments and frequent houses, but also a functional solution for cartilages and other small spaces. The system of sliding doors has a unique feature not only to save useful meters and add zest to the apartment, but also to zone it, creating separate places for rest.


Help divide the room;
Are a great and convenient solution for the dressing room;
Manufactured in different sizes;
Don't require much space to install;

Comparing materials, we can say that the best choice for the apartment, especially having small dimensions, will be a sliding door of glass. In addition to the advantages described above, the glass door is also a great addition to the interior, because it can be made in a variety of variations: with a matte, glossy or mirrored surface, as well as with a diverse image and Photos.


For small doorways, a single-fold door is perfect, which opens by moving the sash to the side parallel to the wall. For balcony axings or splitting the room a good option would be a double-barrelled door with the ability to move both doors. Radius is the most unusual type and is suitable for semicircular rooms.

Sliding door systems:
Three- and four-rail;
The single-rail system of sliding doors indicates that the door is moved by one guide, which is located at the top or at the bottom of the door, such a system is great for a door with one canvas. In the two-rail, each canvas moves along its guide, located at the bottom or at the top of the door. In a radius system of sliding doors, the canvas moves along a radius, the guide can be located on one or both sides.

Sliding doors open in three ways: manual impact, automatic, running from a special remote control and automatic from the motion sensor. The first two methods are used for apartments or country houses, and the third - is relevant for premises with a large passability of people, such as offices, shopping malls, shops.

Glass doors are highly durable because they are made using special technology using high-quality materials and fittings. At the heart is tempered glass, which has increased strength and is able to break only in a strong impact with a metal object.  Such glass is broken into small fragments, having a rounded shape, unable to cause damage to a person.

Sliding doors are made with or without a frame. Doors with a frame is high strength and can be used not too thick glass, and the frame can be made of wood, metal and even plastic. Frameless doors are made of glass, which is a little thick, such doors look very elegant and elegant.
Aluminum sliding doors - views and materials
Whichever system you choose, you need to pay attention to where it is. So, the door to the corridor should be completely transparent to let in more light, the door to the bathroom or bedroom - should be opaque matte or completely covered with a pattern. In the nursery it is better to install a transparent door with a children's drawing, so that you can watch the child, for other rooms will suit any door of glass, depending on the design of your apartment.
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