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Glass doors for bathroom
Recently, more and more when repairing the bathroom the choice of doors is made in favor of glass.

It would seem that in the bathroom we are more often than in any other room are in the nude, and the door of glass is in increasing demand - why?

It's as simple as that! Glass doors are very practical and hygienic.

But let's talk about everything in order!.

Traditionally, glass is associated with a very fragile material, which is easily covered with cracks or splits from a slight physical impact.

But modern industry does not stand still. The doors offered in the sale of glass are made with special technology and have such strength that in order to break them, you need to try very hard.

Glass doors in the interior are shown in the photo below (click to enlarge the image):

In addition, if you still doubt their stated strength, indicated in the passport of the product, you can always insure, pasting a special booking film on top.

Glass doors are very hygienic. They do not support the spread of mold or fungus. They do not emit harmful substances, which can be contained in paints, laces, glue or material facing at traditional doors of wood.

Glass is easy to wash. You don't have to be afraid that the door will go around after you wash it with any detergent, as can happen when washing the stained doors.

Glass doors are absolutely not susceptible to the effects of moisture and fever typical of the bathroom microclimate. While the wooden door may swell, it can get lime, it can start to close badly, the glass door is absolutely not susceptible to water - water it at least from morning to evening.

Glass doors have considerable mechanical strength, as mentioned just above.

In addition to these advantages to the advantages of glass can also include the ability to pass light, which can be very useful if suddenly the bathroom lights go out. Also on the glass with the help of a sandblastcan you can create very beautiful drawings, which can not be done on doors of plastic, wood or mdf.
Glass doors can be sliding or swinging in their devices.

In the case of a swinging door, the attachment to the door box is performed as well as at the usual doors - with the help of loops.

Open doors from glass are released the same size as the doors from any other materials. In addition, glass doors can be made not necessarily rectangular shaped. There is nothing to prevent them from giving any geometric configuration they need to decorate the design of the room.

Glass sliding doors

Tenants of small apartments are usually very cramped in vacant square meters, and space savings play an important role in choosing a door opening system.

Often sliding doors become a real find. You can't hit anyone in the forehead with this door, suddenly coming out of the bathroom.

Therefore, sliding glass doors today in city apartments can be found more and more often. We have previously written about how to install sliding doors with our own hands. If the question is relevant to you, we recommend reading the article.

Glass frosted doors

Despite the fact that we associate glass with transparency, in the bathroom you are unlikely to meet the door of transparent glass. On the glass put some picture or decorate the door with decorative stickers or beautiful photo-panel.

But most often the door is matted with the application of any pattern.
As you can see, glass doors for the bathroom can be a great choice, so be sure to consider the option of purchasing such doors at the next repair!.
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