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Aluminum sliding doors - views and materials
Aluminium sliding doors not only save such scarce useful space, freeing up additional space. They themselves are a significant part of the interior, which can both emphasize its features, and become the main highlight. Widely used in outdoor glazing (exit to the balcony, terrace, courtyard) and for zoning the interior space of the room.

To pick up color from a wide range of available, to help in determining the optimal constructive solution, quickly develop a project and to implement it qualitatively in time will be able to our highly qualified professionals.

Materials used

The frame of aluminum sliding doors is made from a specially designed durable and light aluminum profile of SIAL brands kp 40, kp 45, kp 50 different colors from Ral-palette. For the exterior, the insulated profile of CPT 60 and cpt 74 is used. Any material 3 to 40 mm thick (depending on the profile mark) can serve as a filling. Different types of glass, DSP and DVP sandwiches, aluminum profile, MDF and others are used. The doors are equipped with Fapim, Sabinco, Savio, Siegenia.

Types of aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors are:

The sash moves on two guides. A strong, robust design that allows you to get maximum room insulation.


The canvas is suspended on one top guide. They have an increased backlash of the sash. Lack of a threshold leads to worse insulation of the premises, but increases safety.


Folding sliding doors (the so-called "harmonica") provide a unique opportunity at the right time to remove almost the entire wall and expand the passage. At the same time, the design elements are easily folded and shifted to the side. Saves space. Along with such advantages, the design has the lowest reliability and requires careful handling.


Different from the rest of the curved surface of the sash. Usually used to distinguish interior rooms - showers, etc. have an original appearance, significantly save the area, well insulate, but have a high cost because of the complexity of manufacturing.

Automatic aluminium sliding doors

Doors can be installed with both manual opening and automatic. A reliable MULTIFUNCTIONAL FAAC machine is used for automatic doors:

FAAC 940 SM - for heavy use doors;
FAAC 940 SM - for telescopic automatic doors;
FAAC 930 SF - for doors of constant use.
The program allows you to enter a password, change the latency and speed of opening and closing, and customize other functions. The system allows for a variety of sensors, shut-in devices and has 6 modes of use:

Automatic mode;
In the open;
Manual mode;
Partly open;
The shutters are open to one side;
Night mode.
Table 2. FAAC Automation Basic Options.
How to choose reliable hanging glass doors


Maintaining sliding doors doesn't require a lot of effort from users. They should be kept clean and monitored during operation. If the door is broken, a specialist should be called to adjust and replace the worn seal. Remember, the cost of repair is much less than a partial or complete replacement of the entire structure.
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