Maintenance and repair
Basic maintenance of a laser printer
In the majority of cases we never pay attention to our printer more than when just us toner and paper; the same printer itself leaving completely forgotten. If we want an impressions with good quality apart from using a paper and a consumable right, we must maintain in perfect condition the printer. The care that […].
Repair of cracks in walls
The correct work of repair and capping of cracks and holes that have occurred on the surface of the walls will make the paint finish perfect. In addition, use the listed material prolongs good looks without having to go back to repaired. Cracks or fissures can result from the movement of the structural parts of […]
Problems of humidity in walls
Moisture is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the painting of walls, both indoors and outdoors. There is practically no paint that resist it, so it is better to stop the advance of moisture to keep the surfaces in good condition. But eliminating moisture is a problem difficult to resolve. It can […]
Where there are cracks in the garage on the roof
Where there are cracks in the garage on the roof - In garages, covered with thick concrete slabs , you can often detect cracks , especially on the exterior walls in places of transition ” masonry - concrete pavement .” Often this occurs in those cases where the concrete coating contains several garages and has no […]
How to reuse the beverage cans
Like plastic bottles, drinks cans need a special recycling. But if there is not an organization that is responsible for the same in your city, you can reuse them creating decorative elements. Recycle beverage cans How do for we have learned many ways to collaborate with the care and protection of the environment by recycling […]

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